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Access Cards, Keys & Surveillance


  1. Control keys and key cards are necessary to maintain appropriate security and safety measures and to safeguard all buildings, equipment and other facilities.
  2. All key access cards are the responsibility of property management and tenants
  3. Maintenance of all access systems including locking devices, electronic access control devices, and cameras, is the responsibility of Management Office and Engineering.
  4. The possession and use of interior building keys and access cards is the responsibility of Property Management & Engineering.
    • This does not apply to inside Tenant suites
  5. Exterior door master keys are restricted and not issued without the authorization of CBRE.


  1. When an employee is terminated, property management is notified to begin key recall process. The notice shall indicate day on which the staff person will bring their keys to Management office to turn them in.

  2. If the keys are not recovered by the responsible party when employment relationship ends, fees will be incurred and charged to allow door hardware modifications and re-keying to commence.

  3. Access cards that were issued to employees who are terminated or end their employment relationship will be rendered inactive on the employee’s last working day, or at the time requested by Tenant Contact.

  4. Should loss of theft occur, the incident must be reported to Property Management immediately.

Fee Assessment:

In lieu of key deposit, a fee assessment schedule is implemented with the fee appropriate to the access level of the key. This fee shall be assessed when a person or department cannot account for the keys issued to them. The fee schedule is as follows:

  • Lockset replacement (including keys/labor)
    • $100/set to a maximum of $1,000
    • Lost Key Card Replacement Fee = $20

Lost cards should be reported immediately to CBRE and notify a security officer that the card was lost. Refunds will not be given for found cards.

Lost cards will be deactivated as CBRE is notified.

Exterior Building Access

All employees are expected to utilize their access control cards for entry into buildings after hours.

Grand Master Keys

Exterior door building master keys will only be issued to HCP and CBRE.

Building specific master keys will be installed in a “knox” boxes to allow Fire Department Emergency Response access per regulatory compliance requirements.

Tenant Improvements/Renovations/Contractor Access

Exterior door master keys will not be issued at any time to any consultants or contractors. No exceptions. Access cards will however be issued as needed, and when authorized in writing by responsible CBRE manager.

Leased spaces will be keyed as needed and in alignment with building policies.

Public Safety shall facilitate access control cards for tenants. Should a tenant require a temporary “generic” access control card, the property management company shall issue the card. Typically, temporary access control shall remain active for a maximum of 72 hours, however, exceptional requests to support tenants for slightly longer periods will be considered at Tenant request.

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