Operations & Hours

Vendor Regulations

When arranging for services provided by an outside vendor for work in the building, tenants and vendors are asked to please comply with the following guidelines:

  • Inform the Management Office at 415.772.0481 in advance of performing any work. The vendor will need to provide a Certificate of Insurance, and depending on the scope of work, the Property Manager may request additional information, including drawings, detailed scope of work, copies of permits, etc.
  • The Vendor must provide a Certificate of Insurance to the Management Office prior to starting any work.

CBRE, Inc. and HCP, Inc. must be named as Additional Insureds and Certificate Holder. An Additional Insured Endorsement Form must be included as part of, but separate from, the Certificate of Insurance in order for it to be acceptable. A copy of the certificate may be uploaded to the tenant portal at http://covessf.com/ or emailed to stacey.daniels@cbre.com.

Please email the original copy to Danielle Lawson at danielle.lawson@cbre.com.